The Hypomania of Shopping

I so do not want to post this thing or even think about it but now I feel so guilty on buying shit that most probably I will use once or teice (but I’m sure as hell using that new bag wherever the hell I’m going)

So right on with the jittery bugs of the season of jolliness and hapoiness and all the cheer crammed into one month! Oh joy! Okay, this is way too much energy on my fingertips at 3:30 am.

Christmas is always a time when my grandmother gives us some cash to spend on stuff for ourselves and out friends, and yes, I spent some on my family and friends too. But today, after going to the post office fo send Christmas letters to friends that will not get there before Christmas, I went to a farther mall on impulse, I told myself over and over again that I won’t spend a single cent on myself but resistance was futile and I bought a bag and a book.

I think I feel guilty because as my father teaches us how to spend money smartly and try to save and invest and all that shit, here I am, receivibg money from them, from my grandmother and just thinking about myself and buying all these things that I probably won’t need in the future (except for those shirts i bought last week).

I think it bothers me because my psych touched on the topic of impulsive buying in one of our sessions. I just think maybe I’m a tad bit trigger happy wigh these splurges.

I’m even really sure what I”m talking about anymore.


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