This blog is owned by a weird girl just trying to be herself in more ways than all of you have or just the same.

Name’s Ysabel Andrea. You can call me various nicknames that you want, just not offensive ones.

I’m a sarcastic person who has the ability to over think things and make assumptions in everything that happens.

I like books, musicals, baking. Other stuff I like occasionally.

I am who I am and I’m trying to be a better me because somehow the past has its own way of crawling into my present and that’s not a good thing for me.

I write to express. These stories in this blog was written from experience or from my highly imaginative and day-dreaming mind. These stories may or may not have really happened and some are so embellished that they aren’t real anymore.

Anyway, if you came to see my craziness, thanks!



7 thoughts on “Hi.

  1. hi, Got here via community pool>
    Few suggestions to help
    1) Go to Settings>Sharing, and select the checkbox – Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results
    Now if someone visits your blog, he/she may like the post without opening the post separately. It will help you get more likes on the blog.
    2) Add pics on your posts, search on google for related pics, and add them. Reading will be interesting then,
    3) Your about page tells you are weak and needs correction.
    Instead saying ‘a weird girl’ – say it ‘a blessed girl with different thinking’
    Instead saying ‘I’m a sarcastic’ – say it – I am honest and straight forward and challenge well established concepts. People misunderstand me as sarcastic.
    Instead of ‘see my craziness’ – say it – See my independence and free thinking…
    regards, http://YourWellWisherProgram.wordpress.com

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  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a like! I was very surprised it had reached folks already. Many well wishes to you in your journey. I’ll remember to keep checking up on your blog. It’s been a good read so far. =)

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