No Christmas Spirit for My Spirit

Christmas cheer should be the thing that’s chirping in my ears instead of breaking glass and building walls to surround myself from what they call Christmas Spirit. The cold envelopes me in big hugs and no one to cuddle with but my pillows and blankets. Santas in their Santa suits asking children what they wish […]


Looking at myself reflection, wondering what happened to the sparkle in my eyes, the life hidden in my smile, to the gusto of doing something that was extraordinarily me. Looking at the people surrounding me, looking at my reflection in their sun glasses and their eyes, makes me whisper questions to myself, “Who are you?” […]

When The Bitch Called Anxiety Gets in Your House Without Permission

She comes when you least expect it, like when you’re doing dishes or fixing your things for school Like a whiplash of overwhelming emotions just coming towards you even though you are already holding the stop sign It won’t stop, your brain goes on over drive thinking about the many scenarios that may or may […]