As far as I remember I have written nothing but rants and complaints the past few months and I guess that is all right but tonight or today wherever you are is a happy post.

I spent one whole day outside. Outside the world where people flock and mingle. Yup, the place exists. I spent half my day spent with friends, celebrating the birth of one of our favorite people in the world and the other half with the family.

After months of issues with my mood, motivation, sleep and other anxiety related woes, I let go. I took a step back did not worry or rather, I took a step forward in my case.

I’m not really sure how to explain the way I feel right now but I know that i haven’t felt quite this good in a long while.

I still have problems sleeping, hence this post at nearly 2 in the morning. Cheers to getting shut eye before mass. Hahaha


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