Feeling Left Out

So, I’m an idiot because I just finished typing this post and the app decided to crash and erase everything. So, let’s start again.

A few days ago, I did something that I normally wouldn’t do which is to assert myself to my friends regarding my feelings of isolation.

I’ve been in and out of sickness these past few weeks and along with it was the feeling of isolation and me wanting to crawl into a hole and never leave.

Anyway, I told them about me feeling left out and isolated with them. Asked them if they had an issue with me or anything and they said no and that they were going through things in life too and knowing that I had anxiety they opted not to talk to me about certain things because they thought that it might add to the burden of anxiety and shit for me. So that’s that.

But what I forgot to mention was that they shouldn’t not talk to me, shrink also pointed out that when people have anxiety, friends should not leave them thinking that they shouldn’t talk to them because it will only add to the anxiety of feeling like they’ve done something wrong and then will result to more isolation and worry about useless shit.

So people, if you know others who have an anxiety disorder and/or depression, don’t let them think that having these disorders will hinder them from understanding and empathizing with friends. Please make them feel that they belong.


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