Are You Afraid of the Dark?

A few months ago, my answer to this question is a solid NO, but due to two rat incidents in my room I am now afraid of the dark.

When I was a kid, I was afraid of the dark, whether there was a monster or a ghost that will pull my feet and take me to hell or just afraid from falling from the bed and the typical kid stuff, but gradually I learned and loved to sleep without a night light.

I tried to do it tonight, but I only lasted for a few seconds then turned on my night light again. It’s kind of pathetic to not be able to sleep without a light on just because I get startled by the very slightest noise inside my room and I mean the slightest. Sometimes, I even think that someone was tugging at my leg only to notice that it was only my blanket.

My anxiety about the dark has been confined to my sleeping habits so far but I haven’t experienced anything with darkness and me being outside, just thinking about it now makes me nervous.

Speaking of being nervous, my mom learned stuff from google about my physical and mental illness, apparently my mitral valve prolapse has something to do with my anxiety disorder, pani attacks, migraines, and body aches. Bottomline is my nervous system is fucked, because the ER doctors have told us that everything that I’ve been feeling for the past four months and six trips to the ER are all symptomatic, meaning I just need to pop aspirins and pain relievers in my mouth to make them go away so I can function like a normal human bean.

Also, I’ve gotte more subjects for the college on the web thing and I’ve been meaning to up the anti with my studying but I am a bad patient and a stubborn one at that so I’m still working on my problems and currently I’m low on my meds but I’m still alive so that’s important!


One thought on “Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  1. I sleep with a little lamp on that sits on my night table. I got this little touch lamp on Amazon. You touch the base to turn it on. One touch is a small amount of light and then one more tap is medium light. The third click is bright light. I love this little lamp. I cannot sleep in the dark and I am 49. So don’t feel bad.

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