Good Day, So-so Day

A good day consists of me finishing my to do list or doing something productive like saaaay, edit that video that should’ve been up on YouTube two weeks ago, and doing my chores without feeling like I want to blow up everything that is infront of me.

A so-so day is today. I was great this morning, even had the energy to make pancakes from scratch and not be bitchy and complaing about it. After that I started escaping through YouTube and thr so-soness of the day came into view.

I was dragging my fingers on my keyboards to type about application letters, collection letters and othe lr formal letters that needs to be discussed in Business Communications and Reporting for college homeschool edition. I finished two. That is an achievement all on its own.

Right now, I’m sitting in my living room waiting for my mom to text me to get her from the grocery but just the though of walking a few blocks from my house gives me so much stress and I’m not even walking or doing anything, my head is hurting more likely throbing and I’m scared to go out and I can feel another problrmatic constipation coming in a few hours. That’s gross but who cares.

When I’m depressed, I don’t think I care less as much as I do when I’m in a good mood. I have a resting bitch face so I look like I’m not hapoy all the damned time but the time that I want to be happy, I can’t even try and fske a smile.

This is a good day turned so-so and on the verge of being a bad day. So maybe I’ll clock out of life early tonight. I’m just really tired and if I stay awake  I’ll be awake until 3 in the morning again.


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