A List of What I’m Thankful For

1. I am alive, although struggling to grasp everything in front of me, I am still here.
2. My mom
3. Dad
4. My brothers count too
5. Artidote
6. Berlin-ArtParasites
7. Humans of New York, even though I’m not from USa
8. Popcorn
9. Books, specifically what I am reading now (Everything That Makes You)
10. Mental health blogs
11. Writing Prompts
12. Time
13. Real Friends
14. Fake friends, becauss you taught me how to get back up when I’ve been stabbed in the back for a million times
15. Serendipity
16. Hope
17. Sleep
18. I really need to sleep
19. It’s actually past 2am
20. This picture


21. Strength
22. Words
23. Sometimes, like now, I am thankful that even if I’m not perfect I try to live the best way I can.


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