At breakfast this morning, that is what my father used to describe me.

We were having our usual Sunday breakfast with the weekly “sermons” (I call them sermons because my father is kind of a mentor to me, and that’s what I used to describe him. Mentor.) and my mother read to us a news article that was about five things someone needs to be able to live or something like that (I forgot).

But anyway, it went like this: My mother started reading the article and said that you have to have 1) A good heart, 2) Balance in life, 3) Goal Focused, 4) ghifuiwfuifwhi and 5) ufgajifsaigryu.

So that. We had a sort of team building session, she made me, my youngest brother and my dad name five personality traits within ourselves that we think were positive. I used the words; strong, determined, outspoken, and I forgot the other two words.

Then the next one was to let my family members say one positive trait that they think I have. So my mother went with strong, my brother went with caring, and then my dad went with wide-angled.

At first, I was kind of confused with the word he said but then he explained that I have a mind that thinks about all of my concerns all at once. I was still kind of confused but then he clarified that he thought I was the type of person that concerns myself with other people’s problems and I think about them too as part of a concern I have or something.

I just feel that it’s kind of weird to be described as WIDE-ANGLED because one really needs to be specific with the angles one describes people with. And he also said that it was kind of like a mathematical expression about wide angles, so maybe that’s why I’m still sort of confused because I suck at Math and my dad understands it. 🙂


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