The Surprise Attack of An Old Trigger

Triggers are the things and/or feelings people with mental illness get to happen to turn a good day into a potential “shutdown day”.

Having an anxiety disorder made me realize that these triggers have a way of resurfacing even after not having them for two years. Just today, I realized that partly why I have been at the emergency room yesterday and was on bed rest the last two days is because of an old trigger clawing its way to the surface.

I think that it’s good that I was able to realize that a trigger is what caused my shutdown and even though I still have no idea how to face it with reasonable actions, I’m going to try to face it head on and just focus on how I can make it past this week without freaking out or breaking down.

If you have any advice on facing triggers, I’m all ears.


2 thoughts on “The Surprise Attack of An Old Trigger

  1. I’d say distractions. Watching your favorite movies or lighthearted comedy movies, listen to ipod, do some writing. I turn to my writing as a way of attacking it. I write short stories. You can call a friend too to help.

  2. Obviously you can’t avoid EVERY trigger you’ve ever had. But something I have learned to do is dismiss myself from the anxiety triggering setting to be alone until I’m completely calm. For example, in my science class we have 35 students! I’m in high school so that’s a large number. When we are doing worksheets it gets extremely chaotic. When im having a bad day for anxiety, and i know that the noise will trigger a panic attack, I can sit in the hall where it’s quiet during class.. Im sure you already do little things like that

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