Another List

1. I think I’m sick
2. I’ve been to the emergency room yesterday
3. I like sleep
4. Sleep is my bestfriend
5. Why do I feel crap when I wake up?
6. I get an average of 8 hours of sleep.
7. The show will be on Saturday
8. Am I anxious?
9. Or am I just worrying?
10. That made no sense
11. I might just be hovering
12. But sometimes, I really don’t know if my feelings count anymore
13. Or if my emotions, actions, and worries are valid.
14. Am I torturing myself?
15. Is this helping me?
16. Or making me more paranoid?
17. Is this another effect of the anti-deppressants?
18. Should I worry?
19. Or should I just go with the flow?
20. The next one is totally not related to my disorder
21. I may or may not need a boyfriend, who can steer me into sensible reasons and actions
22. But really, who needs a boyfriend when your mother is there to guide you?
23. Back to worrying about your life
24. You should stop.
25. I should stop.
26. I need to stop.
27. And let it be.
28. Stop worrying.
29. Let it happen.
30. Don’t let your thoughts consume you.


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