How To Handle Being Mad When You Have An Anxiety Disorder

Getting mad is a normal process for mortals and normal people. Getting mad is a process where in you want to rip someone’s head off or just cry, either way it happens to everyone.

Very recently(like not even an hour ago), I have been fuming with rage about something so petty and shallow and so high school, I wanted to scream.

When you have an anxiety disorder, especially Generalized Anxiety Disorder where in you worry about everything and anything, big or small, important or not, it IS going to bother you for a time. Which is what happened to me.

That is my tip, that is my advice.
You have to be able to let these feelings out in order not to harbor them and in the long run, unexpectedly explode rage onto people without really wanting to.

In my life, I have been called a bitch and a snob more times than I can count, but when I get mad, you can bet to yourself that I am not going to talk to you or if I do talk I’m gonna go all out with rage, which is not very healthy either. And this is pre-anxiety.

I have GAD which means I’m a worrier. I worry that everything that is happening, I have sometjing to do with it especially with the bad things which include friends and people I care about. I forget to act like a cold bitch because I worry that everything is my fault and it results to me being mad at myself and to whoever I’m mad at.

So, I talk. I talk to myself, to a friend who I know won’t understand the shallowness of my reason to be mad but who will try to understand and help me realize that it’s okay to feel angry or mad or sad or worried. You just have to talk it out.


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