Words on Paper

I have been blogging for over three and a half years now, on and off, and what I noticed lately is that I type it immediately on my phone or laptop instead of writing it on paper just like what I did before in the past.

I miss the thoughts flowing through my fingers and onto the pen and finally on the surface of my clean, no lines, notebook. I used to love making stories about my future, the anecdotes I overhear people on the streets saying. I want to get that back, I want to start writing on paper again like they way I used to when I started.

I am a writer in my own way, I’d like to believe that I am a storyteller of sorts, sometimes I write better with fiction but lately I’m starting to like writing about the way I feel about myself, how I cope with my mental illness but I also want to go back and right stories again, whether fiction or a better version of my life, I want to keep writing.


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