Talks With The Mother: “There’s no more trying, only doing”

I’ve recently shared a thought catalog article on my facebook timeline and of course everyone in my extended family would be able to see it. I have been discreetly putting out hints that I may have been suffering from something but I am not directly saying to the that I have a mental illness.

The article was about how people use languange in a way that it enables to stigmaze mental illnesses like: depression, ADD, OCD, suicide ideation, etc.

The one that my mom mentioned earlier while we were talking was about the depression one, as depression is being used as a synonym for being sad wherein in fact if someone is depressed, one isn’t just sad, it consumes the living daylights out of them and it puts them in a den so dark that they allow the darkness to swallow them whole for a period of time.

So anyway, as the conversation with my mother went on about me having alternatives already because I’ve been dodging going to my classes for the past two weeks and how I didn’t get the proper apology from the one person I wanted it from and which I know I will never get because this world is not perfect and it’s been really shitty to me right now, but my mother also said that when people say that they suffered the same as you but you didn’t cope and they did, chances are your definitions of being depressed are still very much different.Sure, this person may have had a rough patch but it’s not the same as what I went through.

There will always be alternatives and escapes but ultimately, my choice to fight is the one thing that will keep me going. My choice to stay in school will make me fight. My choice to start a business is my fight. My choice to get a job anywhere is my choice.

It will always come down to it being my choice because only I can save myself and that’s what my mother have taught me.

Here’s the link to the article if you want to read it

much love,


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