The Confrontation


Today, I uploaded a video on YouTube about my depression and anxiety and how it happened. It seems totally clichéd because I’m just another person on the internet divulging her problems on YouTube, but the reason I did that was because I wanted not only to share my experience but also to tell the people who were involved about what happened.

In the photo above, she basically said, “that it’s good I’m moving on and she wishes it to continue and that life doesn’t end in the past, granted that starting over isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible”.

I sent her the link of the video with my side of the story, she went on to thank me for explaining my side and she’s sorry about what happened and I don’t know everyyhing that happened. I guess, I didn’t know but we all have our defense mechanisms and for sure we will defend ourselves in the end.

Our impromtu confrontation over Facebook chat didn’t really go well enough to get closure but I think enough is enough and we both have gone through some rough times and the friendship will never be salvaged because it had died along with our past selves.

I stopped blaming myself for being the way I was and I stopped blaming them for the way they treated me behind my back. I just really need to forget and move on with my life.

I need to be strong for myself right now and only myself to be able to get back the me I once lost.


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