Where Are You From?

At six, I’ve been to Bicol and witnessed how my grandfather was buried and saw my mom cry bucket of tears while saying here eulogy.

At ten, I left Manila and went to Cavite and somehow it shaped how I am today as the “palaban”* type of girl because of where I grew up.

At sixteen, I went to university in the city and still lived with my parents not realizing that it was shaping to be someone that I wasn’t set out to be.

At eighteen, I lived in a dorm near the university and discovered my passion for the stage and realized that friends will throw you like trash the minute you no longer fit IN with them.

At nineteen, I finished my semester by crying inside my dorm room wanting to die and just disappear.

At twenty, I tried to accept the fact that home and province are not the same.

And now, at twenty-one, even though I still don’t know where I’m actually headed I know that I am living with myself as myself and no one else.


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