Insomnia Hits at 2 in the Morning

I’m lying in bed in freaky hotel room in a proince where my family is satying at for the time being in this holiday, my younger brother is snoring beside mw fast as sleep and I wish I was joining him in dream land, but alas, here I am writing this post.

Today we traveled from Camiguin Island to Benoni Port via ferry then a bus ride to Cagayan De Oro then another bus ride to Iligan city where I’m in bed in a hotel room lying down wanting to sleep but can’t.

When we were on the ferry going to Benoni, I remembered the last time I was onboard a ferry going to some place, it was in 2012 and I was on a tour with my former blockmates and friends. I realized that those were some of the best moments I had when I was a Tourism girl. I have to admit that I do miss the friendship that I had with those girls but being in that kind of environment where in you don’t know where you stand and you go from emotionally in control to emotionally dead in a process of a long time, it takes a toll on you and you realize that if they were true friends, they would NEVER EVER let you feel that way.


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