There’s Something About The Sea

The waves, the cool breeze, the quiet shore
I’m not even at shore yet and I feel relaxed
More than I ever had when I was with you
It’s like I’m shedding all this dead weight after burdening myself of things that should have been left in your boathouse
Our friendship ended the moment you chose silence over words that would’ve saved me
I’m at sea, cruising in a roro ferry with strangers going to an island
An island away from the noise and chaos of the main land
An island that’s in its off season
Just me and the water and the breeze
I think even for just one day
I can forget what happened




2 thoughts on “There’s Something About The Sea

  1. Wonderful words. And there is something about the sea. Been living next to it all my life but haven’t yet put my finger on what it is. Won’t stop me looking though! 😀

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