I was raised to be an outspoken and frank person. I don’t like beating around the bush instead I go straiht for the jugular and punch it ala Rambo.

Being frank and having absolutely no filter when it comes to what I say and sometimes do is both a blessing in a curse, when I was young, I was this obnoxious little monster who would make evryone cry with my words. That’s the bad side.

The good side of it is that I don’t run from confrontation and criticism, when I know something is wrong I voice out my opinion without hesitating, but due to past events I have taken so much consideration over words that I ponder on them and take a million times to decide whether it is right to say it or not.

With friends, I was always the loud, crazy, spontaeneous person and I still am but with its limits. I don’t know how exactly I go overboard with having no filter but sometimes a little sponeousness won’t kill anyone.

Unless you get emotionally bullied and get depression and anxiety, but that’s going to be on a different discussion, I supposed.


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