All Packed And Ready To Go

One thing I learned is that people move on and live the life they want to have or just live the life they have whether they like it or not.

I just finished packing for a one week trip with my family out of town and if you’re wondering if finding myself is one of my goals in this holiday the answer is a big FAT yes but it’s not my main goal.

My main goal in this holiday is to TURN OFF my brain and the negativity that comes with it. A “cheerful pessimist” is what I am since day one and that’s not going to change. I need to “turn off” my brain because I think too much, I ponder on things that are so irrelevant in my life in the present that I’m doubting decisions that have yet to be made.

January and February gave me a rough start to my 2015 and I need a break, granted that this holiday will be a family reunion of sorts, I think it’s a way to relax and leave my brain here in my room for awhile and get back to it refreshed and sunburnt.


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