An Open Letter To The Boys I’ve Liked Before (Celebrities Included)

image: tumblr

First thing’s first (no, I’m not Iggy Azalea to go about being the realest) yes, I had a crush or do have a crush on you if you are a “celebrity”. Let’s just get that out-of-the-way.

You made me feel some type of way, you made me smile, you made me giddy, you made my hopeless romantic heart flutter and my inner devil woman giggle like a five-year old girl. You made me feel like a girl, because let’s face it, having boys for brothers and cousins can kind of throw the balance of my being a girl and being a she-male.

But those aren’t the only things you made me feel.

Because there are negative things that you made me feel too.

Like that one time, I saw you with a girl and you were being sweet with her, and then learning that you were like that with all the girls because that’s just who you are, that one time you made me feel unwanted and ugly because all the girls you are photographed with are either models or beautiful actresses.

There are two sides to every relationship but sadly this one is one-sided. I remember that quote that said, “Wanna know why it’s called a crush? Because it crushes you.”  or something like that. This feeling is a fleeting moment between myself and the next guy I fancy. You aren’t the only one that I’ve had a crush on whether it was just for a day or it lasted for four years or you were one of my friends, point is I had a crush on you and at least I can say that even though you broke a little piece of my heart upon waking up that this crush is just a ridiculous part of being me and I was crushed.

I aways find another guy to fancy.

And if you’re saying that I am still single because I’m pinning for you, then man you have issues because it doesn’t mean that I still like any of you if I don’t have a boyfriend after you guys like I know myself and I don’t need a man to make me happy.

But an eye candy wouldn’t hurt anyone either.

image: tumblr


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