Looking at myself reflection, wondering what happened to the sparkle in my eyes, the life hidden in my smile, to the gusto of doing something that was extraordinarily me.

Looking at the people surrounding me, looking at my reflection in their sun glasses and their eyes, makes me whisper questions to myself,

“Who are you?”

“What have you done?”

“Where did the girl with so much passion for life go?”

Where? Where? Where?

It’s a house of mirrors, everywhere I look and turn all I see is judgement and pity from the eyes of strangers to the eyes of those close to me saying,

“Snap out of it.”

“Get your act together.”

“Get on your feet and get your shit together.”

“Stop acting like you have some incurable disease and live!”

I want to turn away from these reflections I see and try to buid myself up and be me, but how can I do that if whenever I turn to the mirror all I see is grief?


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