This Whole Blog is A Memoir

This whole blog is a memoir.

That is how you start a writing challenge about memoirs and the challenge being writing a memoir. Wait, di that make sense? I’m not sure, but if it did. Yes, this whole blog that has my stories, poems, thoughts, and whatever is a sort of memoir that I made.

Why sort of? Because some posts have been embellished to the nth degree to make it seem that I have an interesting life and kind of dramatic life. So yeah.

I remember starting this blog and just telling myself, “I’m naming this blog booksandcoffeegirl because I like books and coffee.” and now a year or two later, I decided to change it to “notstargirl” because sometimes I feel like I’m Stargirl Calloway, the main character from Jerry’s Spinelli’s book entitled Stargirl and Love, Stargirl.

I’ve been writing in this blog for a year or two or three, I’m not really sure about it anymore. But here I just let it all go somehow. The thoughts, the heartbreak over friendships because I have been in zero relationships other than friendships, the pain of being a teenager whose crush does not even know I exist and that other stuff.

I remember the time that I started to write about the most horrible experience that I had in my life and to be quite honest, I’m still recovering from it all. Yes, two and a half years and counting. Damn, this grudge has taken long to heal. Anyway, I really really really tried to write about this horrible experience but I couldn’t formulate the words that will give justice to what has happened to me.

I remember that time where I accidentally on purpose wrote about a crush I had and his tattoo and that was that.

I remember that moment where I was with my friends and we had a blast talking about future plans and being these awesome people we’d be when we reach the age of twenty. Yeah, that didn’t pan out to be true because I’m twenty years old right now and guess what? I’m going to be a freshman in college again because some shit happened. 🙂

I remember those moments wherein I was sure to have the greatest time in college but all I got was three years of gruelling torture from people I thought are my friends.

I remember that moment when I realized that those three years did something to me and changed me in a way that I will never get back the old me aka the more badass girl I was and I just have to find another badass within me.

I remember that time when I gagged when I realized that that change in me made me something I really didn’t like from the start and now I’m working on being the most awesome version of myself.

So yeah, this whole blog is a memoir.

Memories of the life I lived in the last few waves of being a teenager and being a girl who didn’t know who she was.

Right now, this memoir is going to be continuing as I go on with my life.

-Memoir Madness

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