Something New

Well, it’s not really something new because I have been doing it for a few months though I have not made good on my promise to do it every week because I’m a total slob.

Anyway, my something new is a YouTube channel.

Yes, I did it. I went and made a YouTube account for myself and I started posting videos of me talking about stuff and lately I’ve been thinking of making videos that will not only make me sane in the least possible way but maybe it might help others too.

I don’t just like to write anymore, I think I have a voice that need to be heard because I learned that sticking up for yourself and what you believe in is the best thing that I can do.

So if you want to check it out: Ysabel Andrea

The newest video I made is about Being Different.

I’m going to be forever grateful if you subscribe and watch my weirdness on the internet.




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