Letting My Hair Down

“Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.” -Daily Prompt 

So let’s start by saying that I don’t know what to write and that has been my problem for quite some time now. i really want to get back to writing but sometimes I just can’t. I do write down my thoughts and feelings frequently but what I can’t seem to do is write something that would make someone feel something. Every time I try, I just hate myself even more for the lack of coherent thoughts flowing through my weird brain.

I need to let my hair down once in a while and just let the thoughts go, because I really do feel that I am putting up walls and not writing to the capacity I need to.

I wish I had something more to write for this but i really can’t think of anything. Having the freedom to write anything is more frustrating than having a very specific thought and story in your mind and having it flow through my fingertips and on to my laptop monitor. I actually used to like this kind of prompts and I often give them justice way back when, but now I think I just suck even more. Also, I haven’t written anything worth reading for the past two or three months. I need to get my shit together.

I still have a few more minutes and I’m just typing out the words that are coming through my brain, kisses, hugs, bread, cheese, water, heat, hair.

My laptop clock says it’s already 4:33 pm, I started writing/typing at 4:27.

I kind of miss going to school and being able to make friends and doing homework. I have been out of school since March of 2013 and I don’t know what to do in my life anymore.

Three minutes more.

I live on a boundary of two cities.

I’m weird.

Sometimes, I wish I had an existing love story with my favorite band member, like the real love story not the imagined one.

Two more minutes.

I really wished that I wasn’t a realist and a romantic at the same time.

I like black nail polish, i think it suits my soul.

One last minute.

I need to think of something quirky or funny so people who might read this don’t think I’m boring.

I wish I can think of something quirky to write for the last line of this post.



2 thoughts on “Letting My Hair Down

  1. That wasn’t as bad as you think. I enjoyed it. By saying you got writers block you came out with some writers blurb. I often have the opposite to you. In that when someone gives me a topic/prompt I freeze or feel contained. I can babble with the rest of them. You transport some of your powers to me and I’ll do the same to you!

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