Trick Questions and Guilt Trips

I’ve been wondering about “what ifs” and “maybes’

Wondering if they ever make sense or they just fuck me up more

Like the sun getting frisky with the moon

Or the stars being used as a metaphor for my sparkling eyes


I used to be happy and content with what I had

But seeing as how I manage to give myself crap over the littlest of things

Cry when I least expect it

Will I ever be whole again?

Or am I just going to be broken the whole time

But can manage to function like a normal person


I am not who I used to be

Tricking myself into hurting myself

Feeling guilty of the mistakes in the past that should be buried

I was never whole to begin with

I am just more broken now than I was when I was younger


What if I give myself a chance this time?

Maybe I can get back to being happy?

What if I do something out of the ordinary?

Maybe I can shock myself into being adventurous.


Telling me not to be scared is the understatement of the year

Because trick questions and guilt trips are my thing



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