Seriously, Why Are You Asking Me?

“The one thing I could never forgive is cheating.” He stated calmly. I knew for a fact that he was talking about Clare who cheated on him last year, I am his best friend therefore, I am entitled to know stuff about Julius. “Why, because of Clare?” I asked. He threw a throw pillow my way but I caught it and made a face. “What? I was just asking.” I smiled at him.

“Yes, partly she is the reason I can’t forgive anyone who is cheating in a relationship but what’s the point of cheating anyway? Why should one person cheat on the other? Just for the fun of it, to hurt someone?” he paused and looked at me questioningly, I just shrugged. I don’t know what this guy’s deal is with Clare, they went out for like 6 months and he caught Clare and Matthew making out behind the school gym and broke up with her then and there. If there’s one thing I know about Julius is that when he loves, he gives it his all.

“Jess, if I were you’re boyfriend what would you do if you found out that I was cheating on you?” he asked. My heart skipped a beat when he looked at me knowing that I will answer him honestly.

“Why are you asking me that question? I don’t even like you like that, you moron!” I threw the pillow back at him and it hit him on the face. I laughed and then he tackled me on my bed and tickled me like when we were kids, the difference now from when we were kids is that I didn’t have feelings for him and now I sort of do. “Stop it!” I pushed him on the side of the bed and he fell flat on his face on the floor which made me burst out laughing.

“I asked you a question and you threw me off your bed. Wow, Jess, you are really something.” He rubbed his forehead. Yeah, something, something that you won’t even look twice at, I thought.

“Answer the question, Jess.” He sat on my bed while I was leaning on my desk.

“Why should I?” I asked eyeing him and making a face.

“Why are you afraid to answer the question?” he asked. “I’m afraid because it’s you who’s asking”, my mind answer for me. I just looked down on my feet and start to think.

“Jess? Are you there?” he was now standing next to me and playing with my hair.

“Wait, I’m thinking.” I walked back to my bed and sat down. What would I do if Julius cheated on me? If I ever become his girlfriend.

“I’ll saw off your balls, you mother fucker!” I made a cutting action as if I was cutting a sausage in half and laughed.

He walked towards my bed and sat down beside me, putting his arm around my shoulder. I could smell his cologne but I didn’t dare look at him since I know my heart is beating as loud as a chainsaw ready to cut a tree. “I would never cheat on you, because you’re a guy, Jess. You’re not a girl. You don’t have the lady parts that I like.” He gestured towards my chest area and sighed and put his hands up as if to surrender, “Sorry.” I pushed him off me, “You are such an asshole, no wonder you haven’t had a girlfriend since Clare!” I stuck my tongue out to him.

“I’m kidding, Jess.” He paused as if looking for the right words to say because he knows I’m bordering on mad right now.

“I would never cheat on you if you were my girlfriend.” He paused. Oh dear god, I’m so nervous I can’t even think properly.

“Because you are the sweetest, most badass girl I could ever be with. And if I cheat on you, I know you are going to get a chainsaw and literally cut off my balls.” He smiled his goofy grin that I fell for.

“Whatever, you ass.” I replied.


Prompt: The one thing I could never forgive is…(I think it’s from Writers Write)


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