Keeping My Mouth Shut

You kept on talking and talking about your life not considering the way you make me feel

The feeling that starts in my toes and ends in my fingertips like firecrackers wanting to burst

Into flames on your face, that’s how I felt that day

Bitchy, mean and awful, but because you were such a great friend I didn’t utter a single burning piece of chili that I should’ve thrown into your mouth so you can choke on your words

You haven’t considered the fact that I was going through the hardest day of my life

Being lonely and alone when you are right beside me yapping and yapping about how perfect your puny little life is

You inconsiderate person who I thought was my best friend was stabbing me in the back

Using flattering words of praise in front of me then shoving a butcher’s knife through my spinal cord when I was not around

I knew but I kept my mouth shut because as much as I would want you to hurt, as much as I’d want you to die

You were one of the people who I trusted and I thought that for a time you were doing it out of something deeper and within reason

I found out that you were worshipping the other bitch who hated me and was teammates with her

Dropping rumors about me here and there, yet I kept my mouth shut and kept quiet

Because I knew that even though I wanted to explode in your face with curse words

Karma will be the bigger bitch and bite you in the ass



2 thoughts on “Keeping My Mouth Shut

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