When The Bitch Called Anxiety Gets in Your House Without Permission

She comes when you least expect it, like when you’re doing dishes or fixing your things for school

Like a whiplash of overwhelming emotions just coming towards you even though you are already holding the stop sign

It won’t stop, your brain goes on over drive thinking about the many scenarios that may or may not happen

It’s scary and frightening but only you can help yourself

Pushing the emotions aside, telling yourself to get a grip and control your emotions

“Easier said than done, bitch.” taunts anxiety to your face and makes you imagine stuff that are worst case scenarios

“Easier said than done, but it can be done and I can do it, bitch.” You reply, with more conviction than you expected it to have

Your breathing slows, anxiety backs off a bit, little by little, you regain your composure and be calm

Closing the door on anxiety and do whatever it was you were doing

But at the back of your head you know the bitch is going to come for your ass mightier than ever

But keep in mind that your anxiety is from within you and you can defeat with will power and inner strength


2 thoughts on “When The Bitch Called Anxiety Gets in Your House Without Permission

  1. Loved this! I also believe though that general anxiety can come from suppressed emotions and when I’m anxious it’s because I’m scared or full of grief that I need to release through tears. Or tell someone I’m scared or worried. But when it’s specific anxiety to do with thoughts about stuff it can go fuck itself! And I totally do what you said. It’s a motherfucking bitch 😉

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