Wandering Away

Staring out the window, passing by neighborhoods, life going on and not minding me. I keep thinking that someday, I’ll be in these neighborhoods, but I can’t see myself settling down and a having a house and backyard where my kids go and play and the whole nine yards.

I see myself wandering the city streets late at night watching cars pass by, watching lovers hold hands as they walk home, watching strangers’ eyes wander and not wanting to seem lost. That’s how I see myself in the future. Wandering.

Wandering the streets, laughing to myself about the observations I make about people when I people watch. Maybe I have my own version of settling down and following my destiny. Perhaps this is kismet. Wandering around the world and thinking of all the possibilities in my life, like the possibility of meeting my soulmate here inside this train going to Vienna, just like in the movie Before Sunrise, Celine and Jesse, but then again, my life is not a movie.

Some of us looks for signs on what we should do, I got tired of following those signs because they lead me nowhere.

Perhaps this is kismet. That I am on this train to Vienna with no idea where to go next.


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