Outgrowing My Old Clothes

I opened my closet to see the mountain of clothes that I wore last year

They look like they want to envelope me into nothingness and to be the person I was back then

They have shrunk and I outgrew most of them but they hold memories of my life

That I will never be able to take back

It was a perfect day to clean my closet, seeing them make me nostalgic

The pink dress I wore to that party

And the shoes that I used to wear everyday when I go out with you

That bathing suit I wore when we went to the beach and just bummed around and bathe in the sunlight

That blouse I swapped with your sister’s aztec printed short shorts

That top you hated but I loved

The trainers I wore the first time we went out for a jog

Those earrings I wanted so bad but never wore

Those bracelets that we bought in the flea market we passed on our joyride nowhere

We were like gypsies looking for ourselves and wandering around town

Tears are in my eyes right now just by looking at these clothes and things that make me remember

The things we used to do together, the stuff we used to talk about, the accessories we bought and the people we met on the way to finding our true selves

Outgrowing my old clothes and seeing them for the first time in years

Takes me back to a time where things weren’t complicated for you and me

These pile of junk inside my closet won’t fit me even if I tried 

Burdening myself of getting rid of these things will make room for the new me

For the person I became when you left and moved out

Friends outgrow each other like people outgrow their clothes

Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/29/daily-prompt-junk/


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