Best Friend Love

I think that loving your best friend is one of the most unconditional loves that one can feel, because they’ve been with you through thick and thin(emotionally and literally), they were there when you felt like crap and they slapped you hard across the face because you are being stupid and know that you shouldn’t put yourself down like that.

I love my best friend from the bottom of my very emotional being. I have two best friends, one girl and one boy. Okay, so there’s this saying that goes “you can’t be just friends with a person of the opposite sex”, well, for me, that is total bullshit, for starters, what if the two of you feel nothing for each other except brother-sister love? You look out for each other and be there when the other one needs the other one. A girl and a guy can be just friends. That’s the way the world goes and don’t tell me that I am lying.

My girl best friend, she’s my soul sister! We may not agree on all things but when the going gets tough we crack each other up like we have no problems whatsoever, we don’t talk regularly through texts and phone calls but when we see each other we always end up talking about stuff that had happened in high school and what might happen to us in the future. She keeps me sane, honestly, both of them do, but what she gives me is the strength that no sister can give (and that’s coming from a girl who never had a sister), she knows me through and through, sometimes we act like each others mothers and scold the other for being stupid and for doing stuff that are highly dangerous and moronic. But nevertheless, I love my BRU to bits.

My guy best friend, we have been friends for a long time but he became on of my best friends because of his so-called maturity, though I hate it when he is right (which is most of the time) and I really hate when he knows that I am keeping something from him and throwing it to my face. I hate it! He is the older brother that I never had, sometimes a baby brother too, but that happens rarely because he is this mature, weird freak of a person that I can count on always.

They have been there for me for these past few months and still haven’t given up on me. I love them to bits, they are very different from each other and gives me a perspective on things from a different point of weirdness, mind you they are very weird but different kinds of weird. Maybe that’s why I am thankful for having them in my crazy world. 🙂


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