Daily Prompt: Smell You Later – Alcoholic Flirting

It hasn’t been that long ago when I got a bit drunk and the smell of alcohol and cigarettes in the air was all I can remember. It’s the Philippines so everyday is a hot and sticky with a hint of sweat in the air.

You were younger and I was 2 years older, it didn’t matter because I had a crush.

I was the newbie in the group and you are the one I really noticed at first, the lisp you have, the brown of your eyes and your sweet smile, these images reminds me of that Thursday afternoon where you asked me to join you and your friends for a drink.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to say at first, but I liked you, so yeah, I agreed to go.

I didn’t want to get drunk but the smell of hard liquor and cigarettes in the atmosphere made me do stuff that I may or may not regret doing, especially with you.

I wanted to sit beside you but you opted to sit beside one of your guy friends, there was one shot glass, one bottle of hard liquor and maybe 10 people in that circle, at some point you went and sat beside me.

I keep trying to avoid looking at your face but on my 6th or 7th shot of burning liquid inside my throat I wanted to run my fingers through your hair or let my hand stay on the back of your neck, that was how affected I am when you were sitting beside me that day.

I was becoming loud and you dared me to sing, I was kind of annoyed that you wanted me to sing so bad, so I said you should sing if I sang but then you didn’t, they were choosing songs for the Karaoke and you still bugged me to sing, so I caved and chose one.

Other people sang first and by that point I was starting to talk to you, subtly or unconsciously rather, I started asking questions about you and stuff that you liked, then I started leaning my head on your shoulders and you allowed me to.

By the 9th shot of alcohol, I was becoming dizzy and I started making jokes with the guys around the table, one of your friends confessed that he had a crush on me but I told him that I liked you more and he said something along the lines of beating you up and I laughed and said that if ever you get beaten up, I’ll go to the hospital everyday and take care of you.

I know, I liked you the first time I saw you in that class but I didn’t realize that I can do the things that I did that fateful Thursday afternoon.

I stopped drinking when I got my eleventh shot of the booze, we managed to drink 3 bottles of hard liquor and I was dizzy, then I remember myself saying, “Hey can I put my head on your lap? I’m sleepy,”

“Sure, no problem.” you said and put your bag on your lap so I can use it as a pillow.

I wasn’t really sleepy, I just wanted to feel my head on your lap as if you are my boyfriend for real. I don’t know what came over me but it felt good doing what I was doing. I closed my eyes for few minutes and I heard you talking to one of your friends and laughing and then you said with a hint of concern in your voice, “No, man. She’s already asleep, I think.” When you said that I knew you were not like your sleazy friends who  hit on me and flirt with me out right, I felt that you are a genuine person, but then again I was drunk.

“Hey, tell me a story.” you asked and I slowly opened my eyes and looked at your face looking straight into my eyes, right then and there I wanted to kiss you like Mary Jane and Spider-Man. I really liked your smile. If I did kiss you that would be my first kiss.

“What story?” I asked.

“Tell me the story about how your parents’ met.” you smiled at me.

I did tell you the story of how my dad met my mom after refusing for a minute or two and you laughed at my story.

That night was a great night for me, it was my first time to flirt while I was kind of drunk and with a guy I really liked. The smell of cigarettes and booze makes me think of you every now and then.


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