Just the thought of you, makes my day

Just hearing your voice call my name, makes me smile

Just talking to you on the phone, makes me happy

Just seeing your face, makes my heart flutter with joy

Sometimes I hate you

But, I honestly, I think I don’t

You make me think of the crazy shit

That you might possibly do or have been doing

I don’t know you, but I want to

It’s like the song that goes

“All the more for that”

And I know I really like that song

I am not the girl who approaches a guy with confidence

I see you with your friend laughing and having a ball

I’m sitting on a booth with my friends thinking,

“How would he ever notice me?”

With my butt glued to the seat and trying to avert my eyes from you

I checked to see how your face looks, my heart fluttered

When my eyes locked with yours

You were already walking towards me with that smile


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