Dance with a Dancer

It’s not the way he physically looks, it’s not the may he talks. It is in his moves that he says these things that send shivers in my body.

I never thought that I’d be able to feel this strongly for a guy who dances for his life. The intricate moves, the way his sweat drops on the floor. It’s everything about him when he dances.

He was never good with words, he was so shy when we first met, barely uttered a “hi” to me. I never knew that his dancing will make me fall deeply in love with him. It’s like he says things that he can’t say verbally to me when he is dancing, saying how much he loves with every swivel of his arm, saying how much he yearns for me with every point in my direction, how much he cares for me in every turn.

I wouldn’t have pegged myself as the “swoon over the dancer boy” type of girl but there’s this vibe to him when he dances that inspires me to become a better version of me.

He’s got me head over heels with him.

-originally posted in my tumblr acct on 03/06/13


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